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Sherlockian calendar 2014

Soooo, did any of you guys printed the calendar I made? You know, this one

If yes, then  I’d love to see some photos, how it looks like hanging on your wall, above your desk or whenever you have put it. Please, please, please do iiiiiit, it will be fun. 


Maybe I’ll make some collage of them and make my personal vanity wall ;)

EDIT: screenshots of your desktops are welcome as well! :)

Either submit the pics to my blog or post a link as an answer to this post, pretty please?


Did you figure out the winners of your giveaway? I noticed you deleted the original post ^_^

Yes, I did delete that post to not confuse other people who might stumble upon it in the future. The winners were already contacted. The lucky people are:



Why anon, tho? I don’t bite off people’s heads, don’t believe in those rumours ;)