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Yowza! Long tome no see, eh? But I’m not dead yet and I’m very glad you guys are still here, checking out my crappy blog once in a while :*

Anyway, I have this new task for my illustration classes, where I’m supposed to draw a portrait of somebody famous (I’m a lucky bastard, I know ;)), but I’ve been working on this one for some time today and it seems to me that the more I work on it, the less similar to the portrayed person it looks.

EDIT: YAY, so it looks like Bowie after all :)

You’ve all guessed right. I was afraid that I got a bit rusty with drawing portraits (had a bit of a break), but apparently I didn’t forget everything ;)

Thanks guys, I really needed that.  

So I decided to share it with you guys and ask: who is it?

1 year ago | 08:16pm
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  4. acidtygr answered: david bowie, for sure! it’s awesome and I love the colours from Aladdin sane!
  5. 3011892 answered: Bowie?
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    oh mai gawd its Bowie fshnhfgfhmhmmsjyuyyustubtsbutr tag it properly, so more people can see it!
  7. maggoat answered: david bowie!
  8. br0-harry answered: david bowie?
  9. thomasbngalter answered: david bowie?
  10. moonblossom said: Bowie bowie bowie bowie. I recognised him immediately. You should be more confident about it :)
  11. adregis answered: bowie?
  12. ignorus answered: bowiiiieee. you don’t have to ask.
  13. enigmaland answered: David Bowie?
  14. spoopydad answered: is that bowie
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